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‘’The biggest mistake that people do is that they live their lives day by day just moving with the flow, while they are supposed to imagine the ending that they want for their lives and create a life journey that gets them there.’’Mohamed Hanbal

We were not born to conform and move with the flow. We were not born only to study, find a job, get married, buy a house and have fun until we retire and later- hopefully after long years- die. It’s really sad that a lot of people underestimate what they can achieve in their lifetime and how they are able to make a difference in this world and in the lives of others. And in this Era that we are living in, the idea of not conforming, being different and resisting the social influences around us became scary more and more.

We were born for a bigger cause. We were born to make a difference because every person of us is unique. And I believe personally, that we were born to pursue our dreams and to keep growing and learning until we reach the point of fulfillment and financial independence and afterwards use our knowledge, skills, power, money, and connections to help others, and to fight for a greater cause than ourselves in order to leave a legacy behind us.

And that’s why I am here. To help you make a difference.

I am Mohamed Hanbal. I was born in Egypt and am now living in Germany. And I believe that through my Knowledge and life experiences I can help you reach your goals and hence help you live the happy fulfilled life that you are dreaming of.

In short:

  • I lived in different Countries on 2 Continents.
  • I started 2 private Businesses.
  • I worked in 3 of the leading multinational Companies in the world,
  • In different Departments such as Engineering, Procurement and Project Management.
  • And in 4 different Industries such as Telecommunications and Automotive.
  • And I lead global teams in Projects with a revenue of more than 100 million USD.

And I learned A LOT.

But you know what? I want you to forget all of that. I do not want you to build your opinion about me based on only my experience or even Certificates. My own point of view is that this only is not enough because, in fact, I met a lot of people in my life (and I am sure you did also), who are stacked with Certificates and worked for different Companies but when you listen to them you are not convinced and you do not get anything out of the conversation. This is mainly because what differentiates between a person and another is not only his experience and Certificates but also his perspective. And perspective means his ability to see things differently, learn from what’s happening, put what he has learned in context and apply these things in real life. And later, the ability to transfer this knowledge to others in a simple actionable fashion. That’s what really makes the difference.

How to know if I am this person? Simple. Either check my blog posts to see how I think or go to the contact formula and schedule a free call with me to know each other more.

On this website, you will find a Blog Page where you will find articles addressing real-life situations and challenges, as well as the action steps that you can take in order to succeed in these challenges. And this is the least thing that I can offer you to show my appreciation for visiting my website.

However, If what I wrote so far is not enough for you and in case you are a person who is driven by the number of certificates or degrees a person is holding and would like to know more about me, then I invite you to visit the bottom section of the Homepage on this website.

Imagine what you can achieve. Believe That you can achieve it. Act to make it happen.

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