How to Introduce yourself in an Impressive Way

Several weeks ago, I got a request to write or speak about the Elevator pitch and how to build a good one. But before I speak about how to create a superb elevator pitch, I want to explain first ”what is an elevator pitch?”.

An elevator pitch is a short commercial about you that should not cross 30 seconds. And it was named an elevator pitch because it’s as if you met someone suddenly in the elevator that you want to open a discussion with, attract his attention and connect until he reaches the requested floor.

Did you notice the word ”suddenly” that I just mentioned? This means that you always have to be prepared. Thinking about the pitch during the situation itself will make you lose time and in the end will not get the best pitch out of you.

Let us have an example. If you met a CEO of your company in the elevator and he told you ‘’How are you?’’ and you answered ‘’Fine. And you?’’ , this is a very usual answer and will not trigger any discussion afterward. But if you said for example ‘’Fantastic, never been better.’’, and followed it by a short brief explanation why it’s fantastic, the CEO will be interested to hear more because you provoked the standard dialogue answers.

There are two fundamentals to build a superb elevator pitch:

1-Be the solution to a problem. And if you are an entrepreneur, then focus more on the transformation not the result for your clients.

2-Say a short story which indicates how you arrived at the point that you are doing what you are doing.

So To figure out your best pitch, bring a pen and a paper and write freely your skills and the things that you are doing including which problems you are solving.

After you finish, try to pick your best ones and summarize them in one or two sentences. After summarizing them, think about the story and what lead you to do what you do now. Keep refining the pitch until you are convinced and then rehearse it well.

One more tip and this is only my own opinion. I do not prefer that you keep saying your elevator pitch to everyone that you meet. Try to be more strategic. As I said the elevator pitch is a short commercial about you, so you have to focus on the real buyers or people that you really would like to influence. This is important because sometimes you will go to events where you can meet more than 50 or 100 people, and it does not make sense that you keep repeating the pitch repeatedly one time after the other.

Finally, if you found this Episode useful, then share it with your family and friends.

And before leaving just wanted to remind you as always to: Imagine what you can achieve, believe that you can achieve it. And act to make it happen.

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