It’s Just the Matter of Some Seconds

Several days ago after I finished work I was driving back home. Suddenly, I received a phone call and had to change my destination and go pick up something from another place on my way back. So I went to the new destination, parked my car and stepped on the pavement and started walking. A few seconds later, all the people in the street heard a deafening noise of a car drifting on the asphalt and appearing at the corner of the road.

In the beginning, everyone thought that they were some young teenagers ‘’playing’’ with their car, but a few seconds later- when the driver lost control of the car and hit a construction site on the corner of the opposite pavement in a high speed- we discovered that it was a robbery and that the driver stole the car and was running away with it.

Everyone in the street paused in horror during these 10 seconds including me. After the scene was over, I continued walking but suddenly several thoughts popped up into my mind ‘’Is destiny shaping our lives to this extent? In the end, I never planned to be in this place at all. And if I am destined to be in this place at this specific moment, and nothing happened to me, then what is the purpose of me being here? And what if I decided a few seconds earlier to walk on the opposite pavement and he hit me? What if this incident was 1 hour earlier and there was someone working on this construction site, and his life ended immediately because of this robbery? What if there was a family walking, a kid playing or a mom with a baby car passing?’’ I asked myself.

‘’It’s all about some seconds’’ I said to myself. All our lives are just about some seconds. Some seconds make the difference between life and death, happiness and sadness, winning and losing and a lot of other things….only some few seconds.

You may be dreaming of a specific job. You get an interview for this job, and you find yourself one step away from landing an offer. The interview is in another city, so you buy a train ticket to travel to this city. In the day of the interview, you are some seconds late to this train, so you miss the interview, and you lose the job opportunity….just as a small example.

The funny part is, even though everything rises and falls on ‘’the second’’, but we never really appreciate or understand the value of time. We live our lives wasting the seconds thinking that we have all the time in front of us to do whatever we want. As if we can control our destinies and as if we know exactly how long are we going to live.

How many times have you said to yourself that you would start something next week? Or that you will start a new habit of reading each day, but you said tomorrow? Or that after five years you will start your own business? Or that you will switch to your dream job but when the time is right? The list is long and contains a lot of examples.

Every moment of our lives matter. We can live it to enrich our lives and leave a legacy behind us, or we can waste second after second until one day we wake up…..wake up to find ourselves unexpectedly walking by coincidence on the opposite pavement at the right time at the right place, and it’s all over. Without pre-warnings or signs like the story that I just shared with you above.

Start by analyzing your day. Have some self-awareness by knowing exactly how you spend your seconds. After that, focus on making the best out of each second because when these seconds accumulate they will be equivalent to your life.

Make the seconds count, spend them on what matters.

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