Is the Founder & President of Hanbal Consulting- a Consulting & Coaching Company located in Germany. He is #1 Amazon Bestselling Author, an Entrepreneur, University lecturer at DHBW Mannheim, Leadership & Performance Consultant & Coach with extensive years of experience gained through working in some of the most prominent companies in the world such as Orange, General Motors and TE Connectivity.

He is also the South-West Germany Champion of Public Speaking 2015 and one of the top 10 finalists in the North, Middle and East Europe Championship of Public Speaking 2015.

Mohamed holds an Engineering degree and an MBA degree in International Business Consulting.

He is married and has a baby daughter.

Direct to the point and a little bit dry, right? But this is the short ”formal” version if you want to know who I am in less than 30 seconds and leave the page….

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Okay, now let me introduce myself in another way and share with you the ”behind the scenes’’ story and the motive behind what I am doing.

”When you go and fail and come back here to start everything from scratch, do not think that anyone of us will help you or stand beside you.’’

These were the last sentences that I heard from one of my family members before getting into the airplane and taking one of the most significant risks in my life. I was immigrating to a new country and facing the unknown. I was scared about the future and how everything will end. I did not know during this time, that this risky decision will turn out to be one of the best decisions that I ever made.

I am Mohamed Hanbal, and I am the Founder of Hanbal Consulting Company in Germany. I am #1 Amazon Bestselling Author and leadership & Performance Consultant and Coach and a university lecturer. And my passion is to build people. Build people means developing their characters, skills, and habits while encouraging them to take the actions that they wanted to take but were reluctant to take. All of this with one goal which is to raise their performance to help them achieve their goals.

People want and have the capability to achieve great things, but usually, two things are stopping them from pursuing or doing these great things:

– Missing Clarity. Or in other words, they do not know where to start or what to do.

– And, lack of Emotional & Psychological support. If you have a big dream and aiming to take a big risky step such as immigrating to another country and starting there or leaving your job to start a business or investing your money in a risky project, or even doing something that you are passionate about, you will not find a lot of support around you.

In fact, the majority of the people will discourage you either because they are overwhelmed by the risk and how huge your dream is, or they will discourage you because they are afraid that you will succeed and hence they will not feel good about themselves.

But look at this funny point. This ”discouragement’’ from the people around you will get higher and higher in 3 situations:

– When you are young or a fresh graduate. Because from their point of view you lack experience and not serious.

– When you are married and have a family. Because it is not appropriate for you to make risky decisions when you have a family.

– And when you are old. Because from their point of view it is already late to follow your dream or to do something that you want.

This leaves us with two scenarios where people will not discourage you through your lifetime: when you are a baby and when you die.

Everyone should have a dream. Everyone should have a goal in life and something that he or she wants to reach. And everyone has the right to do his or her best to chase this goal.

And that’s is why I am here. To team up with people who have dreams and goals and to provide them with a roadmap to clarify their direction and to make it easier for them to start, and to back them up emotionally and psychologically when they are discouraged or defeated.

And now, let me share with you a part of my story.

When I was six years old, my parents got divorced. It was a hard emotional experience, but I survived it. I was moving from an apartment to an apartment to find security. Sometimes living with one of my parents and sometimes with my grandparents.

When I was 18 years old, my father passed away and left me responsible for the family. During this time, I was studying Engineering at a University in Cairo, and I was searching for security and stability, and that’s why I thought about starting my own business.

I started my first business in Cairo, Egypt when I was a student at the university. I was 22 years old and was full of hopes and dreams and potential. The business had a great start, and it was about to expand, but later, due to various reasons, I had to close it, and with it, I closed a chapter of my dreams. (do you know this feeling?)

Do you think it was easy? Of course not. I saw everything as black, and I felt that life will stop.

Several years after closing the company, I graduated with an Engineering Degree, and I worked at a big multinational Petroleum Company.

After only two months, I discovered that I was in the wrong place and that I had made the wrong decision. I wanted to correct this decision as fast as possible, so I left the company without even finding another job.

Everyone tried to warn me about taking this step. Everyone told me that I had to stay in the company as long as they are paying a good salary, or at least to wait until I find a new job, no matter how long the job search would take.

I did not listen, and I took the step that I believed was right and left the company immediately. Because I knew that every extra minute that I will spend pushing myself to stay inside the company would only harm my emotional and psychological states. And if my emotional and mental states are harmed, then I am not able to search for the right job, make the right decisions, or feel inner peace.

Later, I found a job as an Engineer at Orange (France Telecom) which is one of the leading mobile operators in the world. And to be fair, I had everything a young man can dream of. I had a high starting salary and good benefits such as a company car, free calls. And besides this, I had my own apartment.

I stayed with the company for several years and then I decided to emigrate to another country and pursue an MBA Degree and to start studying again. So, I decided to emigrate to Germany.

Again, everyone was against it (except just one person I know). And to be fair; maybe they were right because of some reasons such as:

– It is a different culture.

– I did not speak German (at that time).

– The risk was very high. And since I was coming from a non-European Union country, I had to freeze 8000 Euro each year in advance in the bank. From these 8000 I was only allowed to spend a specific amount of money each month. And after the MBA, I had only one year to find a job, or else I must leave the country and go back home and start from scratch.

And even though everyone warned me and told me not to take this action, I took it. I sold all my belongings including my apartment to finance my MBA and started my journey.

During my MBA, I was able to write my Master Thesis and to make an internship at General Motors-Opel. And directly after graduation, I was hired by TE Connectivity, a 12-billion-dollar company, and the world leader in connectivity.

And a few years later and after working in different departments and different roles, I left my job and started my private Consulting & Coaching Business.

So, as you can see I did everything against the “hidden rules of the society”. The society that adopts the slogan “security first”.

– I started a private business. And even though things did not go according to plan, I did not die. And of course, everyone was against it because I was too young.

– I left a job before finding another one (and with almost no money in the bank). I did not go bankrupt or die from hunger and life did not stop. And of course, everyone was against it because I did not find another job first.

– I took huge risks and left a secure job with a high salary and sold my belongings and went to another country whose language I did not speak to start all over and to be a student again; and in the end, I survived and thrived.

– I changed my role several times. I worked in Engineering, Procurement, and Project Management. Some of these roles I chose by myself and others were offered to me by the management inside the companies that I was working for because they needed my support in these areas. I had no experience in any of them, so I started from scratch and built my knowledge up step by step until I excelled.

– And whenever an opportunity to learn and to grow appeared, I used to seize it even if it was challenging or risky, as long as this opportunity is aligned with my vision and goal. And this proves again and again that you can learn, do, and excel in anything that you want at any age, as long as you have the desire to learn and to do it.

– And finally and again, I left a high paying job to pursue my dream of starting my business and to continue pursuing the dream that I stopped at the beginning of the ’20s.

– And by the way, when I made this decision, I was (and still) married and had a small baby and responsibilities. And of course, almost everyone was against it because at this age I should be a family man and scared to take any risks in my life.

So please do not let anything stop you from doing what you believe is right. Break your internal psychological barrier, choose what you want to do in your life,  feel fulfilled, take risks, do not be afraid to fail, and do not let anyone limit you or lock you in a cage called ”fear”.

Live your life the way you wanted. Do not be ever scared to try. Take actions that get you closer to your big goal and vision, and leave a legacy. That’s what I learned.

This is my story. And that’s why I decided to help anyone who has a dream and want to breakthrough.

Now I want you to join me on this journey. So no matter where you are now or what your dream or background is, I know I can help you if you have the desire to pursue your dream and goal.

In all of these situations, I was afraid and worried about the future, and I was always wondering  ‘’where I should start? And which road to take?’’. But I did not let this stop me even after failing sometimes.

I faced my fears, and now it’s time that you face yours……

I started because I had a goal in mind but i didn’t know how to reach it…​

I am working with Mohamed as a coach from more than 6 months. I started because I had a goal in mind but I didn’t know how to reach it. Mohamed customizes his work based on the person he has in front of him.

He listens carefully to your expectations and dreams and helps you get the most out of yourself. He always supports you through your journey offering practical ideas, new approaches, and different perspectives. He empowers the people he works with making them feel there is always a solution to their struggles and a way to make their dream coming true.

Fabiana Canale // Account Manager, Italy

You will never find a Coach elsewhere who’s getting you motivated on this high level and leading you through the deepest hole in your life…​

‘Never underestimate the power of words” was one of the first sentences Mohamed told me. It is amazing to see yourself being analyzed in such an honest and efficient way.
You will never find a coach elsewhere who’s getting you motivated on this high level and leading you through the deepest hole in your life.
My greatest respect for this man!

Pascal Ströver // Project Manager, Germany

You will never find a Coach elsewhere who’s getting you motivated on this high level and leading you through the deepest hole in your life…​

‘Never underestimate the power of words” was one of the first sentences Mohamed told me. It is amazing to see yourself being analyzed in such an honest and efficient way.
You will never find a coach elsewhere who’s getting you motivated on this high level and leading you through the deepest hole in your life.
My greatest respect for this man!

Pascal Ströver // Project Manager, Germany