EMEA Business Process Manager at TE Connectivity Company, Netherlands
I will definitely reach out to Mohamed as speaker

I  had the pleasure to work with Mohamed on two occasions where he showed his flexibility and adapted his standard program to fit the audience needs which we discussed during the preparation meetings.
Because of his flexibility, Mohamed was well prepared and during the events he showed not only to be a good speaker but as well to be a good listener and adapted to the audience needs and questions, without disturbing the original agenda and without going too much in a person’s detailed question and remarks.
Mohamed speaks on such convincing way, it is almost impossible to not take his advice. He knows what he talks about and is not just praying someone else’s theory. He shares personal experience which makes him for sure trust worthy. The benefit I had having Mohamed as speaker, was that he’s an actual colleague and the audience felt as well he comes from ‘the same world’ and knows how it is in that world.
His performance and advice for sure met our highly set expectations and even beyond. The audience were given sufficient tips to help improving their lives to become more successful in time management and achieving goals, and how to apply those life-changers on a structured and easy way.
For a next event I will definitely reach out to Mohamed as speaker.