Blogger & Podcaster, USA

Mohamed Hanbal is a motivational and inspirational force of nature in person and in word. He is a gifted storyteller who is able to weave his life experiences into his speeches and what he writes. Mohamed has that can do spirit and he makes the impossible and unlikely seem attainable and even destined.

Advanced Quality Engineer at TE Connectivity Company, Germany

Description of Mohamed:

  • He can motivate people by speaking only.
  • He has targets and he tries to reach them.
  • He is open for new things and to try different approaches.
  • After an open discussion with him, you can feel more powerful.
  • He has a broad perspective and acting proactive.
Senior S&OP Demand Coordinator at TE Connectivity, Germany

Mohamed will change how you see yourself and the world around you, if you let him. He is the most positive person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting in my life. His concept is always tailored to the person’s needs. There is no “one size fit’s all” with him. He is very professional, inspiring and his motivational skills are outstanding.
He has a proven track record of problem solving skills and doesn’t mind to “dig deeper” and hold a mirror up to the decision makers. If a job needs to get done, Mohamed gets it done. Determination, Professionalism and Kindness are only a few words that describe Mohamed’s personality.

Continous Improvement Projects Co-ordinator at John Deere, Germany

“The difference that makes the difference” was the subject of the speech Mohamed gave in February 2015 at my company, during a meeting of our newly created public speaking club.

By inviting an expert speaker and an experienced professional like Mohamed, I wanted my co-workers to experience the power of a well delivered and interesting speech.
Mohamed charisma and inspirational insights about how to be successful managed to captivate the audience. He both gave uplifting visions about being successful and convinced the group that the delivery of a speech plays an essential role in its impact. Mohamed is definitively a person that “makes the difference”.

EMEA Business Process Manager at TE Connectivity Company, Netherlands

I  had the pleasure to work with Mohamed on two occasions where he showed his flexibility and adapted his standard program to fit the audience needs which we discussed during the preparation meetings.
Because of his flexibility, Mohamed was well prepared and during the events he showed not only to be a good speaker but as well to be a good listener and adapted to the audience needs and questions, without disturbing the original agenda and without going too much in a person’s detailed question and remarks.
Mohamed speaks on such convincing way, it is almost impossible to not take his advice. He knows what he talks about and is not just praying someone else’s theory. He shares personal experience which makes him for sure trust worthy. The benefit I had having Mohamed as speaker, was that he’s an actual colleague and the audience felt as well he comes from ‘the same world’ and knows how it is in that world.
His performance and advice for sure met our highly set expectations and even beyond. The audience were given sufficient tips to help improving their lives to become more successful in time management and achieving goals, and how to apply those life-changers on a structured and easy way.
For a next event I will definitely reach out to Mohamed as speaker.

Director at Sales Trainer, United Kingdom

Mohamed is an inspirational leader with a “Do what you fear”-attitude. He is an innovative mind and trusted companion on the entrepreneurial journey who shares his knowledge and creates valuable insights. Mohamed has helped me to finally get started and do what I love most doing. He inspires by asking the right questions. Mohamed is dedicated to continuous learning, self-development and adds immensely value by sharing his knowledge. I can highly recommend Mohamed as a sparring partner for everyone who wants to grow, leave his or her comfort zone and wants to “get real” to live the life they want.

Owner & Managing Director Coral Travel & Coral Sun Family Club-Cherkassy,Ukraine

I was preparing an important business presentation that i was planning to present at an event in front of a potential investor; in order to expand my Company.
One day before the event i felt that i needed support and i contacted Mohamed. Not only did Mohamed react very fast and in a friendly way; but his support & advises about the business information which i should include as well as the presentation design; helped me convince the investor that i am his best investment opportunity from all other 80 Companies presenting at this event.
So if you need someone who is fast, caring about you, and above all knows what he is doing, then i definitely recommend Mohamed.

Former DHBW Mannheim University Student, and current Project Manager at TE Connectivity, Germany

During my studies and my collaboration with Mohamed, I noticed immediately that he is pursuing a different work philosophy, which was very successful. I wanted to learn from him, so I asked how he manages being efficient and focused on the important things.On the following issues he could give me specific, personal advices and solutions:

  • How to manage my time effectively?
  • How to learn fast? (learning videos)
  • How to focus on the important things in a busy day?
  • What is my talent/goal and how to reach it?

I am already grateful to have learned a lot and hope to continue because he has become one of my idols.
By the way, he is giving very well and especially individual literature hints.

Product Development Engineer at TE Connectivity Germany

Mohamed is an independently thinking, inspiring and always a reliable person. He is characterized by optimism, kindness, teamwork and shows the ability to build a relationship network. His openness and constructive suggestions for solving problems in different areas are very useful to have success. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who would like to learn how to become a true effective Leader.

Former Student at the DHBW Mannheim University, Germany

I´ve spent a lot of time working together with Mohamed in my studying time. So he was like a coach in my studying time and especially with a project work I had to do within my studies.
I would describe Mohamed as a special person who is a brilliant coach when you know what you can learn from him.
Before my time with him, I was a shy person and had a lot of respect and sometimes even fear of presenting something in front of other people. But Mohamed taught me to calm down and to be convinced about what you want to tell the people.
Besides working with Mohamed as a coach in our job, he also gave me some tips what life is about. It is not about achieving the best and the most money … It is about doing your best day by day and be happy about what you are doing.